Comparison of New and Used Car

Comparison of New and Used Car

When purchasing a car, it’s hard to decide whether you should go with a new car or used car. Some people look for a new car, while others will endorse the value of a used one. And the major fact is that there is no appropriate answer for this question. You are the one who can decide what the best is for you.  Comparison of new and used car in Mumbai can be done by following the below few tips

 Availability in the Market

Last year, more than 54 million cars were sold out, among which there were 40 million used cars. Among sellers, there is so much of competition because of many used vehicles available in the market. Even customers also have many options like individual owner, official dealer, and independent dealer. Furthermore, customers have many options to bargain because of this. On the other hand, when it comes to new car, it can be only purchased from the dealer who is the authorized seller of that manufacturer

Usage of the Cars

The longer you use a car, the extra you will get for your money. Current studies report that those customers who purchase new cars will maintain them for not more than 7 years. Comparatively, those buying used cars will keep their vehicle for many years.


In the year 1995, the government studied the usual age of the automobiles on different country roads. The previous year, it touched the record high of over eleven years for each vehicle. With both the used and new cars getting stronger and stronger, it is much easier to find a used vehicle, which is more reliable.

Safety Measures

Many years ago, the only automobiles that existed with the safety measures like airbags and anti-lock brakes were for the top-most luxury vehicles. Nowadays, these special features and safety measures are standard across all the models available in the market from all manufacturers. Because of this, it will allow buyers to buy used cars, which offer a similar level of safety measures as new models are having.

Let’s conclude it this way. New and used cars offer various range of benefits to buyers. New vehicles are generally kept for a longer period, whereas used models have an extensive range of selection and they generally give a better value.

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