Mercedes is Bigger in Texas

Mercedes is Bigger in Texas

If you’re in the Lone Star State and you’re looking for a little luxury in the country, then head over to the Mercedes Benz Houston location and look at all of the amazing cars they have in their selection. When you visit Mercedes Benz of the Woodlands, you’re not just visiting another car dealership, you’re visiting a flagship of luxury retail, where they take care of the customer with finesse and grace and always deliver exactly what the customer wants. Even though they’re a relatively newer addition to the car dealer industry, this dealership is fast on its way to becoming famous for their attitudes towards their customers, as well as towards their employees.

You’ll be able to sense the quality and the luxury even before you set foot inside the dealership itself. With a massive campus that houses thousands of Mercedes to choose from, it’s almost intimidating to fathom the sheer size of this Texas dealership. They have every model of Mercedes available to choose from and the staff is well-versed in the entire Mercedes line. The building itself showcases the transparency of the business that they perform in the building with it’s tall, crystal-clear glass windows that line the entire building. After being greeted by the warm and friendly front desk staff, a salesperson will energetically show you around the expansive showroom floor and let you know all about this year’s newest models to choose from.

Once you’ve perused the showroom floor for a little bit, take the edge off of the Texas summer heat and visit the Bar, Boutique, and Lounge area of the dealership. At the bar you can enjoy self-serve ice cream and coffee, and the comfortable seating is an excellent place to prepare or recoup from a trek out onto the lot. Next to the bar is a wonderful boutique, where you can find a variety of Mercedes themed merchandise to either find the perfect accent piece for your brand new ride, or find a way to let people know what car you have – even if you’re not in it. Finally, and maybe most importantly, make sure you check out the lounge. Complete with leather couches for lounging and a massive entertainment center, you can sit here and relax while looking out at the beautiful scenery overlooking the car lot. The cool part about this is that these areas are also available when you bring your Mercedes into the on-site service facility for your regularly scheduled maintenance, so you can wait for your car to be tuned in style.

Mercedes Benz of the Woodlands isn’t just some corporate entity giving you the same old vanilla car buying experience. It’s a community of people working towards making sure that you have the best car buying experience possible, and also making sure that your car lasts you as long as possible. The staff prides themselves on their hard, earnest work and the relationships that they’re able to build with customers and the community. So if you’re in the market for a Mercedes, go take a look at this amazing dealership!

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