Why you should not ignore your Service Light

Why you should not ignore your Service Light

If you have ever skipped a service, you are like 50% of other car owners. Most owners of new cars do not skip services. This is because doing so could invalidate their warranty.

However, once that period is over an awful lot of people get a bit tardy when it comes to having their car serviced. Many people assume that it is enough to have their car MOTed.

This assumption is understandable, but completely wrong. The MOT checks most of your car’s important systems, but the engine is not really looked at during an MOT test. There is only an emissions test. Your car’s timing is not checked, nor is the condition of your vehicle’s filters.

The only fluid levels that are checked during a MOT is the windscreen washer fluid levels. During a service, your brake, power steering and radiator fluid levels are all checked.

A MOT can only pick up issues once they have become so serious that damage has occurred.  For example, the MOT test covers whether your steering works properly, but your car will only fail that part of the test if a component in your steering system has already failed. Whereas if you had sent your car for a service the steering system would have been checked, which means that the underlying cause would have been found and fixed.

Servicing your car is not expensive

Fortunately, servicing your car on a regular basis need not be expensive. Provided you shop around for the best deal, the cost of your services will be far lower than the cost of repairs that could have been avoided.

Servicing your car

When looking for car servicing Liverpool residents can easily find the best deals by searching online. Most of the firms that offer car servicing in the UK’s large towns and cities list themselves online. This makes it easy for consumers to shop around and find the best deal.

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